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March, 1988 Ha Sung Soo, president established the International Aisnos Organization(South American Orphan Supporting Association), performing the medical service for the natives of bolivia, South America, and taking care of orphans.
August, 1989 11 Volunteers based headquarters in Bolivia and regularly started activities.
December, 1989 KVO made the ASINOS Korea Supporting Association for helping natives and then starting implemental projects.
September, 1994 The name was changed to the Korea International Volunteer Organization and based it's headquarters in Ulsan, Korea.
October 18, 1997 KVO was licensed as a Coproration of Ulsan-city No.1
November 31, 1997 KVO entered as a member of the International Association
for Volunteer Effort.(IAVE)
January 6, 1998 KVO was enrolled as NGO of Korea International Cooperation Agency.(KOICA)
January 19, 1998 Opening Ulsan Jung-ku Volunteer Center
September 28, 1998 Opening Ulsan Jung-ku Social Welfare Center
September 18, 1998 Opening KVO Seoul Office (International Department)
January 29, 1999 Sending medical personnel to Cambodia supported by United Nations Volunteers(UNV)
Febuary 1, 1999 Joining Korea NGO Council for Overseas Cooperation
March, 1999 Joining Korea Council of Volunteer Organization
July 24, 1999 Foundation of KVO Interpretation Volunteering Group
April 11, 2000 Joining UN DPI (Department of Public Information of Unite Nations)
October 14, 2000 Opening North-Insadong Tourist Information center
June 11, 2001 Registering INGO of Bolivia Government.
July 2001 Opening Ulsan Self-Support Assistance Center.
October 1, 2001 Establishing relations with Northwest Airlines
(Mileage donation through Air Care Program)
April 30, 2002 Foundation of KVO Publication Department
July 2002 Obtain Special Consultative Status with the UN ECOSOC
September 2002 Joined CONGO(the Conference NGOs)
February 2003 Opening of Insadong Tourist Information Center
February 2003 Opening of Insadong Tourist Information Center
October 2005 Established KVO Ethiopia Chapter and started aid activities in Ethiopia
November 2005 Launched 'Right on the Table Movement' Campaign
November 2005 Launched the free feeding program [500 Loving Meals] and education-connection program [1000 Angels]
August 2006 Decision of financial support for a KVO Ethiopia free feeding center construction by Community Chest of Korea
November 2006 Established KVO Kenya Chapter and started aid activities in Kenya
January 2007 Decision of financial support for a KVO Riberalta Social Welfare Center by Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)
March 2007 Obtained the NGO registration certificate from the Ministry Foreign Affairs and Trade
May 2007 Dispatched NGO overseas volunteers to Ethiopia and Bolivia
May 2007 Managed Korea preliminary art competition for International Children's Art Competition hosted by UN
July 2007 Dispatched the first KVO Africa Short-term Volunteers to Ethiopia (16 members)
September 2007 Registering INGO of Kenya Government
October 2007 Started cooperation between South Korea, China, and Japan for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
November 2007 Constructing a free feeding center for KVO Ethiopia chapter by Community Chest of Korea
February 2008 Joined UN Global Compact
July 2008 Establishing a vocational training center for Ethiopia chapter by Community Chest of Korea
July 2008 Making Q&A guide book for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) of Small and Medium Business Administration and promoting research & service business
August 2008 Dispatched the second KVO Africa Short-term Volunteers to Ethiopia
March 2009 Dispatched KOICA NGO overseas volunteers to Kenya and Ethiopia
June 2009 Established vocational training center for women in Bolivia (Supported by KOICA)
July 2009 Started to establish free provisional meals center in Kenya
August 2009 KVO short-term volunteer team, dispatched to Ethiopia
September 2009

Started to support women capacity enhancing business in farming village, Kenya (Supported by Community chest of Korea)

March 2010

Registered to government of Democratic republic of Congo as international NGO

June 2010

Started to support mobile library for Ghana farming village children

August 2010

Dispatched 4th short-term foreign volunteer team to Africa

November 2010

Opened Ghana children¡¯s rainbow library and started to run (Business supported by STX)

December 2010

Started to provide medical treatment in KVO malaria center in Kisangani, Democratic Republic of Congo18th,

December 2010

Held the 10th Love the earth, Love neighbor music concert
Invited ¡®Les petits chanteurs la croix de bois (PCCB)¡¯ for the performance

February 2011 The 2nd support for establishing multipurpose center in Got Matar town, Kisumu, Kenya (Supported by KOICA)
March 2011

Ethiopia agricultural development project for 2011 (Supported by KOICA)

March 2011

Long-term foreign volunteer team(Composed of 8 people) of 2011 dispatched to Africa

March 2011

KVO President SungSoo-Ha and board members visited southern-Sudan, did local research

August 2011

Send Samsung electronics and medical team to Ethiopia

August 2011

The Completion of Ethiopia TVET

October 2011

Open KVO shelters for North-Korean who settled down in South-Korea.

November 2011

Send three thousand trillion desks and chairs to Ethiopia (Gyeonggido Office of Education, National Agricultural Cooperative Federation Gyeongi Region Head Office support)

February 2012

Support Ethiopia solar LED lantern (Support project of Samsung electronics)

April 2012

KVO founder, president Ha Sung-soo (The CEO of HONO ANTON), signed a Memorandom of Understanding(MOU), 'Cooperation of lay an oil pipeline'