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KVO has been established based on the theory that people can make society better to live together by providing help and love to those who are in need regardless of their nationality, religion, ideology, race or financial ability.

From Me, From Here, From Now

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(From Here)

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KVO's symbol, a child leaning against his/her mother, shows that they share love through their embrace. Both of them have gratitude to the earth for the their lives. KVO endeavors to create a future filled with love for all people of the world, regardless of nationality, religion, ideology, gender, age or occupation.

Korea International Volunteer Organization (KVO) was an international Non-Governmental Organization established in 1988 and has been supporting underdeveloped countries in the area of medical service, welfare activities, education, emergency relief for sustainable development as well as domestic welfare, culture, and environment of those countries. KVO is a corporate organization having the purpose of contributing to international cooperation and world peace. It obtained Special Consultative Status in UN ECOSOC in 2002.

Regarding overseas support activities, KVO has supported native people through operating free clinics, Taekwondo halls and a self-supporting farm in Bolivia, and offered medical service by dispatching UNV doctors and delivering relief goods to Cambodia. Besides. KVO has provided various support efforts in Russia(Sakhalin), Mongolia, Thailand, Afghanistan, Iraq and Ethiopia as well.